Tape by SoundIron – Product Review

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Tape is a small, but mighty, sample library that creates one-of-a-kind sounds from acoustic recordings that were originally captured through destroyed cassette and microcassette tapes. The SoundIron team then took these recordings to the next level, building drum kits, sound effects and other unique samples that will twist your sonic reality.

Tape’s drum kits offer sounds that are right at home with any track that needs a modern, cinematic touch. The kicks are deep and the snares are tight, which goes to show that a little post-production magic can make anything sound truly epic.

There are lots of presets for mangled sound effects, ambient electronic noise and other sci-fi soundscapes. You will only find a few tonal instruments, so don’t expect many beautiful pads or atmospheres – with Tape, it’s all about sonic degradation. For me, I’ll be using Tape mostly for the drums. It’s hard to imagine I could possibly need more drum samples in my arsenal, but I will definitely find uses these kits that are a true hybrid of electronic and cinematic.

To find out more about all of Tape’s features, or to order online, visit SoundIron.com.

Playback – Product Demo of SoundIron’s Tape Composed by John Presley.