ORBIT by Wide Blue Sound – Product Review

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I recently checked out ORBIT, a deep and innovative synth library from Wide Blue Sound that bends the sonic laws of space and time.

ORBIT morphs distinctive rhythmic engines with unique soundscapes that will jettison any composer into orbital synthesis. There are dozens of presets organized by category, all with tempo based impulses, delays and distortions. As you go deeper inside the ORBIT universe you’ll find modes that let you go between percussive, electronic or atmospheric textures. Everything is here, from dreamy to dark to downright disturbing.

The interface is built around layers of sound, so once you’ve pulled up a preset it’s easy to turn elements on or off, quickly shaping it into your own creation. Just a few clicks away are the effects and sequencer, offering native tools that you won’t find in other synths.

If you’re looking for an ethereal synth with a modern edge, check out ORBIT’s seemingly endless tonal possibilities. For more information visit WideBlueSound.com.

Spacewalk – Product Demo of Wide Blue Sound’s ORBIT Composed by John Presley.