Temple Drums by SoundIron – Product Review

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Temple Drums is a percussion library from SoundIron that is full of unique drums with an ancient sound. You’ll find a variety of regional and ethnic drums, all recorded in a stone-walled underground chamber. This environment gives each instrument a crisp, bright sound with lots of presence.

In addition to bass drums, toms and snares, Temple Drums has a wide range of hand percussion and other one-of-a-kind hits, fills and rolls. There are also sound designed atmospheres, pads and drones that set an ominous tone.

I used the built in arpeggiator to create the composition below, making it easy to quickly find patterns that are tempo locked and ready to go.

For more information about Temple Drums visit SoundIron.com.

Aztec – Product Demo of SoundIron’s Temple Drums Composed by John Presley.