Scoring Mallets by Handheld Sound – Product Review

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I recently checked out Scoring Mallets, a set of beautifully sampled virtual instruments from HandHeldSound. While you may find Marimbas, Xylophones and other mallet instruments in many different libraries, these sounds are definitely a step above the competition.

Recorded in a large scoring room with multiple mic options, Scoring Mallets has that natural cinematic sound. In fact, there are 5 mic perspectives to work with, which allow you to significantly alter the sound before you’ve even touched the effects. You can play single notes, trills, rolls and more, plus there are tools and playing techniques that can help inspire your creativity.

It would be easy to write an entire score based around a mallet instrument, but you want to make sure the samples have the depth and realism to compete with the real sound. Scoring mallets is the best option I’ve worked with and confirms that recording quality really does matter.

Time Lapse – Product Demo of Handheld Sound’s Scoring Mallets by John Presley.